Hip Pain Causes

by Sharon Hopkins

Hip pain can be quite troublesome and distressing for most people. It can make standing, sitting, walking and running all quite difficult. Sleeping can also become quite difficult as does lying down. One of the main causes of hip pain is said to be inflammation of bursa which are the sac like parts that are found in one's joints and are filled with fluids. This bursa acts like cushions for a person's joints and lie at the top of a person's thigh bone or the femur. When the pain starts it is normally felt around the upper and outer part of one's thigh and at times can extend even further down the leg. This pain normally intensifies when one walks or is standing for long periods. However in some cases it may even intensify when the person lies down or when undue pressure is placed on the hip. This problem can be treated depending on how severe it is. At times this problem can be the result of one's gait. As an initial solution to the problem; the doctors would normally suggest gait therapy to resolve this condition and reduce the hip pain. If the problem does not ease with therapy and medication, then the doctor may even suggest surgery. Sciatica is another problem that can cause a lot of pain in one's hip. At times the pain may not even be really felt at one's hip but in and around the entire hip area.


During this time, one should avoid any kind of strenuous activities that can worsen the condition and also the pain. Some times the pain will be felt in one's groin area and will also be felt in the center of one's thigh. There may be times when a pain in the hip can be a result of problem in one's lower back area. Pain in one's hip is also the result of a fracture in one's hip or due to inadequate supply of blood to one's hip area. A fracture to the hip could also result in a disruption in its normal functioning; besides taking a longer time to heal. There are various other complications that can also result from this hip pain. Clotting of blood in one's leg can also cause a pain in one's hip; similarly pneumonia can lead to this pain. One can try massaging the hip with mustard oil to help ease this pain, or one can try applying a mustard poultice.

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