My daughter is 18 years. She is concerned about what I would call heat rash on her buttocks. Could this be caused by her lying in the tanning bed or could this be caused by something else?

Heat Blisters Advice

If you are not sure about what the rash is, it is best to show it to a doctor. If your daughter is uncomfortable being examined in such a sensitive area, you should find a good female doctor and also reassure your daughter about the process.

In case it is a heat rash, it should be possible to get rid of it or at least reduce the severity quite easily. The mechanism behind heat rashes is similar to that of pimples – sweat glands get blocked by dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria, leading to the tiny blister-like eruptions and irritation. Your daughter should avoid the heat as far as possible, and minimize activities that cause her to sweat. If she exercises or plays a sport, she should bathe and change her clothes, including underwear, as soon as she finishes. She should in fact bathe several times a day using cold water, and try using an antibacterial soap. It is very important to have a daily change of clothes, and since she has this problem, underwear should be changed twice a day. It is advisable to use only light cotton clothes, particularly underwear. If these measures do not work within 10 days, she should see a doctor.

answered by M W

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