3yr old daughter's urine has a very strong smell what could be the problem?

The intensity of the chemicals and wastes excreted determine the odor in the urine. Dehydration of the body resulting in concentrated urine causes odor. This is attributed to the ammonia in the nitrogenous waste. Medications, such as B complex vitamins also cause urine odor. Generally, urine odor is a temporary and light issue. The duration of the odor determines the severity of the issue. Urinary tract infections can also be a cause of such a phenomenon. Bacterial infection in the urinary tract or kidneys results in foul smelling urine. A musty smell is typical of inherited metabolic diseases, such as phenylketonuria. A maple syrup odor is common in individuals suffering from maple syrup disease. Diabetes mellitus is characterized by sweet smelling urine. Adequate intake of liquids or water is effective in decreasing the severity of this phenomenon. Intake of foods, such as asparagus causes odor in the urine. Fistula in the rectum and hepatic failure are other conditions producing foul smelling urine. Foul odor with burning or irritation, fever and other symptoms, calls for immediate help form your practitioner. Supplementation of vitamin B6 causes odor in the urine and sources include vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. Guidance from your pediatrician is recommended on persistence of this condition.

answered by Dr C

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