Does Anyone Have A Treatment For Sebaceous Hyperplasia- A Skin Condition, Non Cancerous But Not Pretty.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a benign skin disorder and is not considered serious by most dermatologists. However although there are topical applications in the allopathic field, home remedies that treat this skin inflammation are very effective and show promising results.

Certain fruits and vegetables have immense healing and corrective abilities. Take freshly squeezed juice of green apples ad use this as a skin tonic on the inflamed area. Apply this juice on the affected area three times a day for several days. Similarly the juice of fresh apricots is also a good application for the skin irritation and will help the rash to ease off. The juice of freshly grated cucumber and carrot juice is another excellent remedy as an overnight treatment as a curative measure. Take equal quantities of both cucumber and carrots and blend them well apply this thick paste or juice on the face before sleeping. Cover the face or the affected area with a thin muslin cloth to prevent it from falling off. The next morning wash your face with cool water. This therapy if practiced for 30 days is sure to give a pleasing appearance. Essential vitamin A and beta carotene in carrots is vital is skin repair while the cooling and soothing properties of cucumber are highly beneficial in restoring normalcy to inflamed skin.

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