Do You Know Any Home Remedies To Cure A Sebacious Cyst?

A sebaceous cyst is structurally like any other cyst in the body, which is a sac that develops with air or fluid in it. In the case of a sebaceous cyst, the material inside the cyst can consist of fibrous tissue, keratinous material, or material that can resemble pus. It is actually quite rare for a cyst to contain sebum. A sebaceous cyst is one of the easiest cysts to deal with and can actually be treated with a home remedy because of the nature of the material in it. The reason for its occurrence lies in blocked sebaceous gland and sometimes, a black head that has been allowed to remain on the body for too long. It usually occurs in areas of concentration of hair and sebum like the neck, ears, back, chest, and even the scrotum in men. These are all areas of high sebaceous gland concentration.

Sebaceous glands are skin glands that are responsible for creating sebum – a skin oil that keeps the moisture content of the skin. Sebum consists of wax monoesters, triglycerides, and essential fatty acids. Sometimes, keratin that is created from the keratinocyte cells gets mixed with the sebum and ends up hardening as it comes into contact with the hair. This causes a blockage of the gland duct and a change in the color of the keratin by oxidation. This makes it appear to be black; thereby, giving it the appellation of a black head. Normally, black heads are done away with by the skin but in some odd instances, they can prevail for a long time. This can eventually lead to a sac forming around the blockage. The sac is actually modified skin cells that then secrete more keratin and create the exudate in the cyst. If you have even tried to squeeze the contents of your cyst, you would have noticed that a “cheesy,” odorous material comes out. This is the keratin in your cyst. The only way to get rid of a cyst is to surgically excise it by aspirating the contents and removing the inner sac to ensure the problem doesn’t recur.

Home remedies for this problem include using a heating pad or a hot water bag placed over the cyst for fifteen minutes at a time. This will liquefy the contents of the cyst and will be reabsorbed in the body. Continuously exfoliation the cyst with salicylic acid will allow a section of skin to weaken and allow for the contents to be squeezed out. The wound must then be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.

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