Treat Second Degree Burns From Boiling Water Naturally: How To Treat 2nd Degree Burns At Home?

Second degree burns cause superficial blistering of the skin and the pain caused by these burns often depends on how much nerve damage has occurred. Burns are often classified as secondary burns when the damage has been caused at the dermis or the deep dermis layer.

The best thing you can do to treat is a second degree burn is to hold it under cool water or wrap it lightly in a wet towel or napkin. Do not use ice or very cold water as it will cause more damage than good to the burn. If there is a blister caused by the burn then make sure not to burst it as this actually helps the healing process and prevents the fresh skin from contracting an infection.

Whatever you do not apply an ointment, petroleum jelly or butter to your burn as it will only trap the heat in the tissue itself and cause more damage.

Colloidal silver is an effective burn remedy and acts as a natural anti- biotic and disinfectant when healing the burn. The remedy can be used in the form of spray and can be found at your local drug store. Vitamin A and vitamin C are also very effective in treating burns as they contain anti- oxidants that help in the formation of collagen.

Plantain leaves are also a good remedy for treating burns. However these leaves are different from the banana leaves that are also known as plantain. Crush the leaf using a small hammer and then wrap the burn with leaf. Make sure to re-hydrate yourself as the body can loose a lot of water through the burned area. During the healing process you will need to take a course of antibiotics regardless along with one of these remedies as the anti- biotitic will help fight off the air- borne bacteria. Second degree burns heal within a period of nine days to two weeks. If the burn was not too deep and if there was no infection during the course of treatment there are very few chances that there will be any large or noticeable scars. Second degree burns can be treated at home but it advisable to consult a doctor if you develop symptoms like fever, excessive swelling of the burn area, green or brownish liquid discharge from the blister. These are signs that the blister is infected and will only get worse unless treated.

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