Home remedies for growing pain in children

Growing pains are not associated with growth: though immediate attention is necessary. It is not a disease, though the occurrence of an underlying condition is common. Ache or pain in the legs is a typical symptom of growing pain. The area behind the knees, calf muscles and knees are the other areas affected. This is seen to occur in the evening or nights. Disturbance in the sleep is common. Though growing is not a painful episode, climbing, jumping and running makes it difficult for the young musculoskeletal system. The age group between 2 and 12 years of age are more vulnerable to growing pains. Persistent pain that affects the daily activities of the child is of concern. Fever, loss of appetite, fatigue, redness, swelling and rash with the pain requires the immediate attention of a physician. Blood tests, x rays and other tests are performed rarely to identify the cause of the pain. Restless leg syndrome is a condition, which cannot be ruled out.

Stretching your child's legs are effective in relieving pain. Painkillers are provided under the guidance of a pediatrician. A warm bath before retiring to bed proves beneficial. Hot compresses or hot packs are effective in providing relief. A gentle massage is useful. Holding the child or cuddling them brings pain relief in a psychological manner.

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