I have pains in anus, at times I notice blood on my under pants, I also have a serious waist pains, but I have never seen blood after toilet. Do I have pile? If yes what can I do? I don't want to do surgery on my anus. And can pile affect ones sex life?

If you are having pain in your anus and blood on under pants, then you might have piles. Piles are a cushion of blood vessels blocking your anus that causes pain and passage of blood. This can be very painful if not treated immediately. Piles cannot affect your sexual life because the varicose veins of the anus get inflamed and has nothing to do with the vagina. You can have a good sexual relationship through your vagina. Don't go for anal sex or else the condition will aggravate.

There are ways to get rid of piles. Try some of these natural cures for treating piles and alleviate pain:

  • Radish juice is best for treating piles.
  • Consume soaked figs on empty stomach to get rid of the painful piles.
  • Extract juice from bitter gourd leaves and feel the pain and swelling getting vanished.
  • Buttermilk is also beneficial in curing piles.
  • Consume plenty of fiber rich foods to support bowel movement and cleanse your bowels. This will help to get rid of constipation which will eventually cure piles. This is because constipation is one of the major factors contributing to piles.
  • Ginger and onions are also useful for treating piles.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods and refined sugars as these may aggravate the condition.

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