How To Treat Strong Pains During Period For A Woman And Secondly, How To Treat Typhoid Naturally?

There are some simple and very highly effective remedial measures you can take to deal with strong pains during your menstrual period. You have not mentioned exactly what part of your body is suffering from the pains. Sometimes, some women suffer from serious abdominal cramps, while others suffer from things like back aches. Sometimes, there are also cases of women being severely affected by pains in the legs. Headaches are also a fairly common symptom of manifestation of menstrual pain. Since you have not mentioned your specific area of pain, we can offer you methods to deal with all of the above categories. For strong aches and cramping in the abdominal area, you should apply a hot water bag to the area. This will provide relief and will also facilitate the flow of menstrual bleeding. The warmth applied and kept ion your stomach will enable the blood to not clot and flow freely and easily. You can also apply hot water bags to your back if you are suffering from backaches. It would be easier to lie down on them. This will be of greatest help. It is also a good idea to give your body lots of rest if you are in pain, these will not only allow you to cope with the pain itself; it will also enable your body to heal faster and better. If you suffering from aches in the legs, try to keep them elevated as much as you can. This will not allow the blood to pool down below, thus increasing inflammation as well as aches and pains. To get relief from the pain, you should drink hot water intermittently during the day. Warmth will provide the best kind of relief from the pain. You can also have generous quantities of milk. Milk is well known to help with easing aches and pains of all kinds. If you not a vegetarian, having chicken soup is also very helpful in tackling the pain. Chicken soup has almost therapeutic properties which help to deal with all kinds of pains and problems.

Typhoid is not a disease that can be treated at home. All you can do is employ some method for relief during the course of a proper medical treatment. You should eat food rich in proteins for better and faster cure. Eat only liquid and light food. This is particularly important to help your body fight. Make sure you drink lots of water as well.

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