What do I do to avoid swelling or pain my child bumped his forehead and he has a bump and a little cut

Since your child has a cut, it would constitute as an open wound, and as such must be taken care of immediately. Cuts and wounds often tend to get infected very fast and hence the proper care must be given. Also, if injuries are not treated in time, they can take very long to heal. First the area of the cut must be cleaned properly. The entire region must be cleaned thoroughly so as to remove any dirt and germs that may be present. If the cut is very deep, then it is advisable to seek medical attention. Otherwise, you can cover the area with a bandage after cleansing it. Infections can be curbed by applying some turmeric on to the cut before covering it with a bandage. If there is bleeding, then you can try applying pressure gently on the area, so that the bleeding is contained.

Applying ice to the area will also bring about a cessation of bleeding. Wrap an ice cube in a piece of clean cloth and apply to the skin for a few minutes. Before bandaging it, you can also apply a little honey to the cut as this will arrest any possible infection. The gel of aloe vera leaves is also very soothing, and is beneficial in healing cuts and wounds. The gel can be extracted by slicing open an aloe vera leaf and scraping out the gel or pressing the exposed side of the leaf to the wounded area. After this, cover the wound and allow it to remain covered for a day or two so that it does not attract any dirt and germs. It is also advisable to consult your doctor and discuss if the child needs to have a tetanus shot as a precautionary measure.

Bumps on the head usually result in a lot of swelling. This occurs due to lower blood circulation in the area. If the bump has swelled a lot, then it is likely that it will take a longer time to heal. Usually, the swelling eases in a few days time. You need to ensure that the child is not experiencing any other symptoms such as dizziness or slurred speech, as this could be indicative of a concussion. To alleviate the swelling ice packs are the best remedy. This can be alternated with a heat compress to treat the pain. This will serve to ease the condition greatly. Also, give the child plenty of water and fluids so that he stays hydrated. This promotes proper blood circulation and oxygen supply which will quicken the healing process.

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You should attend to your child’s cut immediately as an open wound may get infected. In addition, untreated injuries can become painful sores and would take longer time to heal. Before using any kind of remedy or cream you should always make sure the wound is cleaned properly. You must clean it at least for a minute or two. You must also ensure that it is a small cut because if it is not, your child will need medical attention.

If the cut is small, you could apply a bandage. You could also put some tumeric powder on the cut and then put the bandage over. If the cut continues to bleed, apply gentle pressure on it so that the bleeding abates. It is also a good idea to apply ice on the wound once it has stopped bleeding. Applying honey to the wound also keeps it clear from all the germs. Aloe vera is also very useful in healing small cuts. You can use aloe vera gel or cut open an aloe leaf and apply the underside of the leaf on the cut, but be very careful as some parts can cause intense itching. Honey helps kill the bacteria in the wound, making it clean and infection free. You must also cover the wound for the first couple of days so that it will stay clean. You must be careful that it does not dry out. If your child has not had a tetanus injection in the last few years it would be advisable to take it within seventy-two hours.

 Swelling after a bump on the head is usually a good sign as that would mean that the fluid is not building up inside the brain. Swelling is usually due to less circulation of blood in the injured area – the more the bump swells, the longer it would take to heal. The swelling usually takes a few days to decrease but you should be keep a check on your child to see if he feels dizzy or is slurring in his speech, as that could be a sign of concussion. A great remedy for reducing swelling is to apply ice or a cold compress for about half an hour and then apply a heat pad to reduce the pain. Alternate this process, till you see a difference. Drinking a lot of water or fluids is also very essential; as it would help keep your child’s body hydrated and also aid in the circulation of blood and oxygen easier and faster.

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Injury Remedies

The best thing to use in this case is Arnica or Arnica Montana as it is sometimes called. Arnica can be found in pill form or in a tincture. A few drops of the tincture under the tongue or one pill under the tongue should immediately start to relieve the pain and inflammation. After the initial treatment, you can continue to give Arnica ever 4 hours. 10 drops in a cup of water or one pill should be the correct amount. There are lesser side effects to Arnica and it has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste so you should have no problem getting your son to take it. For the cut, a salve made from Goldenseal and Arnica should do the trick.

More traditional treatment methods include ice packs, which have two benefits: the cold reduces the inflammation AND numbs the area which in turn, reduces the pain. This also reduces the swelling.

As with any head injury, it is important to not let your child sleep for the first several hours to make sure there is no concussion. The treatment of Arnica will help eliminate the risk of concussion. I have personally used Arnica with a head injury and I can vouch for its effectiveness!

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