May 26, 2009

Dry Socket Symptoms

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Dry socket is the common term used for the problems that arise after a tooth extraction. If you get any tooth extracted for any reason, then there is a tooth socket that gets left behind. Dry socket is a painful condition that can arise due to problems related to lack of blood clotting after the tooth has been extracted. Blood clotting is an extremely important step in the healing process after extraction. If there is no proper clotting, then the healing also gets affected. Typically, dry sockets arise a few days after the tooth has been extracted. The first couple of days will see a reduction in the pain, but typically, after the third day, the pain will start to get worse. This could also be accompanied with some element of a throbbing sensation. In severe cases, the throbbing is really harsh and the pain is also quite intense to the point of becoming unbearable. In some cases, a close examination of the tooth socket can also reveal a part of the bone which becomes exposed after an extraction, which is usually all the way down to the root of the tooth. It is also noticed that the pain can also extend outward to the ear or the cheek, and sometimes, even the eye of the side from where the tooth has been extracted.

Please understand that any aggravated pain and related symptom that occurs after the third day is not a normal part of the healing process and it needs attention. If you end up neglecting it, the problem may worsen and lead to an element known as toxic shock. When this happens, your general health may deteriorate and you may also be in serious life threatening danger. It is better not to let your condition go this far and seek immediate help and attention. On your own as well, you can take some basic measures to control the pain and discomfort. Even before you think you have developed dry socket symptoms, it is a good idea to fully immerse a tight cotton ball in clove oil and then insert it into your socket. This may cause a few minutes of discomfort, but eventually it will be very helpful in reducing the pain. You can also add a touch of turmeric powder to the cotton ball to accelerate the healing process and help with fighting any septic formation. Remember to change the cotton ball every 48 hours at least.