Remedies for redness and body swelling

Most swellings happen due to an injury or rather accompanied by injuries, but there are times when body parts get swollen for no apparent reason. They occur even without the incidence of any trauma or injury. During such times, swelling can take place eventually as a consequence of gathered blood in an arm or leg. This happens when the clear amorphous matter from the blood vessels oozes out of it and gets into the muscle tissue. And when this happens poor blood circulation takes place and when poor blood circulation is visible in any part of the body, there is much slower healing.

Move your limbs slowly in a circular fashion and do simple stretching exercises that can help the blood flow to these body parts. Also try plenty of rest, slow waking, and apply ice or compressions on areas where you feel pain. Elevate your feet by placing a couple of pillows under them, when you are lying down. Drink plenty of liquids but refrain from alcohol. Fluids help keep the body hydrated and help faster flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Have plenty of barley water as it is known to be an effective diuretic that helps in bringing down the swelling.

answered by C B

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