I had swelling in my feet due to high BP why? I had my kidney test done they said both kidneys are working properly.

Natural Treatment for Swollen Feet

If you are sure that the swelling in your feet is due to high blood pressure, then firstly try to lower down your high blood pressure. You can do so by the following methods:

  • Drink a glass of warm water with honey added to it.
  • Eat one raw papaya daily. This will help you in bringing down your high blood pressure.
  • Grind basil leaves and margosa leaves together and consume the mixture along with water or in any form you can. This is a great cure for high blood pressure.
  • Arjuna, guggul, cardocare and garlic are some of the natural herbs that are very effective for curing high blood pressure.
You can even experiment some of the following natural home remedies for reducing inflammation on your feet:
  • Mustard oil is a natural and a good diuretic to treat swelling in the feet.
  • Rub warm mustard oil on the swollen foot or apply a paste of mustard seeds on the affected area.
  • You can also try slices of cucumber on your swollen foot. Place the slices and cover it with a bandage. Leave for some time as cucumber will absorb all the fluid from the inflammation.
  • Cabbage leaves also works in a similar to cucumber slices to absorb fluid from the foot.

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