I have many small (hole-like infection) under my feet, for many years. I can't get rid of them after using different kinds of medications. What is the remedy?

It is difficult to give the best remedy without some additional details on your condition. Do your feed itch or get hot?

One of the best treatment routines for any kind of skin disorder is the following:
Wash your feet in water treated with silver solution and then take a cotton ball dipped in Tea Tree Oil and paint the bottoms of your feet with that. You should see drastic improvement within three days. It is important while treating your feed and to prevent reinfection to change your socks several times a day and wash your socks on hot. If your socks are white, use bleach at least once a week to disinfect them.

Also, taking Olive Leaf or Oregano extract can help fight any infection from the inside out. I think you will have the most success in treating your foot infection if you combine these two treatments. One thing to consider is if you have an allergy to something in your environment. A common one for skin rashes and infections is laundry soap or scented body soap. Try laundry soap that is unscented and for sensitive skin. Try an all natural body soap with oatmeal and other soothing ingredients and natural scents. 

answered by R P

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