I am 30 year male old working as a computer operator, since one week I have a pain but stool is normal so please can you advice me a remedy for this thank you

You have a pain, but where? You have not mentioned where the pain exists in the stomach or while defecation or in the rectal and the anus region. If the pain is in the stomach or anal region it should be evaluated by a specialist so as the treatment options can be decided. In general you can keep the following points in mind:

  • Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables for soluble fiber in the diet. Fiber in diet will help to give bulk to the stools making their consistency soft. It would also improve the peristaltic movements there by making the defecation process easy and less painful (in case you have pain in anus).
  • Soak 2-3 figs in a cup of water at night and have them in the morning along with the water on an empty stomach. Figs are loaded with soluble fiber which would help the body in different ways.
  • Eat less spicy foods; also reduce the amount of fats and oils while cooking.
  • As your job is very sedentary it would be wise to incorporate some form of exercise in your lifestyle, even a simple brisk walk for 30-40 minutes would make a difference (increase the time and intensity gradually). Also take short breaks of 5 minutes and do some leg and hand stretching exercises to keep your body fit.

answered by Dr S

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