I am 25 years old normal male and from last two days i have been experiencing chest pain which interrupts breathing. I am a normal male and i have never had this kind of problem before? Please help.

Since you have not experienced this condition before and it is causing difficulties while breathing, it is advisable to consult a doctor and undergo an examination. This is the only way that you can determine the cause for it and also obtain the appropriate treatment for the condition. Usually chest pain can be caused by conditions occurring in any of the organs contained within the chest such as the heart, esophagus and lungs. This also includes the muscles, skin, and bones within this area. The nerves in the body are interconnected in a complex network, and as such it is possible that a problem occurring in one area of the body could result in pain in another area. The stomach or abdominal organs could also be casing the pain in the chest.

There are several conditions in which chest pain is a symptom. Some of these could be serious problems such as heart attack, angina, damage to the aorta which is the main blood supplying artery in the body, spontaneous pneumothorax which is essentially collapse of a lung, pulmonary embolism, in which a blood clot occurs in a blood vessel of the lungs and perforated viscus, in which tearing occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. A cocaine overdose could also result in constriction of blood vessels, thereby reducing blood supply to the heart. Chest pain could also occur from less serious conditions such as heartburn and acidity. Anxiety, gall bladder problems, muscle spasms and stomach ulcers could also result in chest pain. As said before, only a medical examination can determine the exact cause of the condition you are facing. Immediate medical consultation is the best option.

A good home remedy for relief from chest pain is to boil garlic cloves in milk and consume daily. Basil juice and honey taken first thing in the morning will also help to ease chest pain. When chest pain occurs, it is beneficial to breathe deeply with slow breaths. Mashed date along with the seeds can also be taken as an effective remedy for reducing chest pain. Consuming an increased quantity of lime and ginger is effective in building up immunity and fighting infections. If the chest pain is resulting due to acidity, chewing on fennel seeds after meals will prove to be beneficial. Chest pain arising from heart burn can also be relieved by having a tea made from a mixture of anise and lavender.

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Hi, as to your question. If it was you i would definitely ask a qualified doc for advice, I would say it could be anything from gallbladder, hernia or even wind. Wind can be very very painful and if trapped in that area would cause an amount of pain on times when breathing but this is only a guess. I would still get it checked out if i were you

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