Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

what is the cause and remedy for vomiting, blood stool, stomach ache

Vomiting, bloody stools, and stomach ache are all common symptoms of a gastrointestinal disorder. Unfortunately these symptoms are common to many gastrointestinal disorders and so it would be necessary for you to visit a doctor in order to get an accurate diagnosis. In most cases, bacterial infections cause diarrhea as well and since you have not mentioned this, it would seem that what you are experiencing is not one of the common diarrheal infections.

Vomiting causes a loss of nutrition as well as fluids and so it is important to curb this condition as quickly as possible. Eat only small quantities of food and make sure that you do so at least once every hour. Soups and broths are considered to be among the best foods for vomiting as they are easy to digest and have a high fluid content. Instead of slicing or chopping your vegetables for a broth, you can steam them and then put them in a blender. Add this puree to your saucepan and make your broth as usual. Your broth should contain carrots, tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables. These foods are also easy to digest and will help to reduce the stomach ache. You can also cook a little rice and blend it along with the vegetables. Rice is easy to digest and will also help to make your broth thicker. Do not add any tastemakers to your soup. Instead you can add a little fresh ginger and garlic to it along with a few choice herbs. You can make a large quantity of this soup and refrigerate it. You can then heat up just a small cup of it each time you need to eat. This will save on your cooking time and will prevent you from getting fatigued. Do not consume any processed foods and bakery products like pastries as these are bound to increase your nausea. Abstain from all red meat until you are better but you can have skinless chicken. You can steam the chicken and add thin slices of it to your soup. If you have trouble keeping this down, you can puree the boiled chicken and then add it to your soup. Coconut water is a very healthy option as it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the immune system and also help to prevent nausea.

Visit your doctor as soon as possible as you may need to go in for an ultrasound to rule out liver and gallbladder diseases. It is also possible that you have an upper gastrointestinal disease for which an upper endoscopy would be required.

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