Diet for Cirrhosis of Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a very serious ailment and it is absolutely essential to get the proper treatment for this condition. Although it is of course important to maintain a proper diet, as the liver is very fragile at this point in time, I hope that you are not relying entirely on a diet as treatment. Make sure that you consult a good doctor, follow your doctor's instructions properly, and go for regular check ups.

As far as your diet goes, you should start by consuming foods like vegetables, fruits, sources of protein and some whole grains. Combine this with a daily multi- vitamin. Depending on how severe the cirrhosis, there may be a deficiency of key minerals and fat soluble vitamins that are required by the body. If you cannot get a particular nutrient naturally then you can substitute it by using a supplement.

Apart from these dietary recommendations make sure you stay away from alcohol and fatty foods. The fat tends to cause digestive problems as the ability of the liver to produce bile in order to digest the fat is reduced. On the other hand, make sure that you do not completely abstain from fat, as the body requires a normal supply in order to remain healthy. Therefore you consume foods such as nuts, fish and plant oil, as they are good sources of easily digestible fat.

If you have cirrhosis with ascites then you should also abstain from a high salt diet. You should avoid the consumption of too many pre-packaged foods as they tend to have a high level of sodium in them. A problem that sometimes comes along with cirrhosis of the liver is hypoglycemia. To combat this you should eat a diet that is rich in carbohydrates. Good sources of carbohydrates are rice, breads and pasta. Carbohydrates are also a good source of energy, which you will need more of as the condition tends to sap your body of energy. Although your body requires adequate amounts of protein, its consumption can sometimes be a problem as there may be difficulty in them being broken down by a weak liver.

Therefore consuming foods like hard boiled eggs, low fat milk, tofu, legumes and beans will ensure that you get a proper amount of protein in your system. You should also consume foods that are rich in vitamin B as they have the ability to repair some of the damage done to the liver.

answered by S C

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