Remedy for left chest pain?

Pains on the left side of the chest can usually have more than one reason. One reason could be a hiatal hernia, which is related to the a burning sensation that occurs in the left chest region. This sort of pain usually attacks the person after a heavy meal, when the patient assumes a sleeping position or a leaning forward position. Immediate relief can be attained in most cases simply by belching and also by assuming an upright position again.

Angina Pectoris is another condition where the patient experiences a tight-chested feeling and pain in the left side of the chest. This condition is best treated after consulting with your physician. If your condition isn't indeed angina pectoris, you can further distance yourself from this disease by eating a great, vegetable-heavy diet. Also, quitting smoking will be the best thing to keep away all heart related problems. Exercise, and if you are over-weight, then do this with dedication. The heart cannot support a large body easily. Even it needs to breath. If your pain is restricted to muscular movement like coughing or heavy breathing, your condition is muscle-skeletal related. There are medicines available for such conditions. Consult a doctor.

answered by G R

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