Does back ach & cervical pain cause chest pain and palpitation. Heart stress,enzymes and Eco is negative.

Pain in the spinal cord might spill over resulting in decrease in the cardiac output. Heart attack is also common. A feeling of fullness, accompanied by pain and pressure is seen. Pain received from the heart radiates to the area of the spinal cord, due to its positioning. Any kind of uncomfortable feeling calls for immediate attention. The pain you are referring to might be contributed by cervical spondylosis. Use a soft pillow to rest. Hot packs are of great help. Regular strengthening exercises are learnt from a physiotherapist or specialist. Avoid lying down while watching the television. Deep breathing exercises prove beneficial. Keeping the neck in a correct posture is important. Relax the muscles whenever possible. Pain in the back is intriguing at times. Back ache is caused by muscle spasms, improper lifestyle, wrong posture, joint strain, high heels, arthritis and lack of physical exercise. A juice of lemon with slat helps in relieving backache. Supplements of ascorbic acid are recommended. Lower back pain is treated by placing a poultice of raw potato.

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