Question on chest and left arm pain: I am a 17 year old female i get really bad pain in my left side, sometimes my chest and my left arm. i haven't told any one about it yet, please can u help me.

Chest pain in teenagers is a very common phenomenon and is very rarely associated with any serious heart condition. One of the very common causes of such a pain is a muscle spasm or a muscle strain in the chest. This is a very sharp jabbing pain in the chest and lasts usually for less than a minute. This kind of a pain, from a muscle spasm, can occur at any time such as while taking a deep breath, moving in a particular way and even from pressing the area too hard. This pain is not associated or rather not accompanied by fainting, dizziness or a difficulty in breathing. Another very common type of chest pain is called growing pain. This causes a dull aching sensation that is localized mainly around the mid section of the chest.

Furthermore an esophageal spasm could also contribute to non- cardiac pain as well. Eating too quickly or eating food that could get stuck in one's esophagus could definitely cause an esophageal spasm. This is a squeezing experienced at the center of one's chest. Teens that are extensively involved in athletic activities, often experience chest pain resulting from muscles sprains and injuries. Over exertion can also very often lead to an acute pain in the chest. Over exertion could be due to fatigue and stress. This is not a serious condition, but rather the body's way of telling you that it has had enough, and has reached its physical limit. Heartburn can cause one to have acute chest pain as well. heartburn is simply the washing up of stomach contents. Additionally if one has problems with the lungs or even the windpipe, it can lead to chest pains. Individuals that suffer from asthma or any other lung problem appear to have larger encounters with muscle spasms and in fact could also experience other kinds of chest pains that are vaguer in nature.

In most cases the actual reason for the pain cannot be determined. While teens very often complaint about chest pains, no particular medical illness can be diagnosed. This may be due the adolescent anxiety or stress. In today's generation stress appears to be a very common cause for chest pain. A very small percentage of teenagers experiencing chest pain have a serious cardiac problem. If in case you are witnessing the following symptoms along with your chest pain then consult a doctor immediately: if the pain is severe and prolonged, paleness accompanied with sweating, difficulty while breathing, dizziness, fever and palpitations. However, make sure that you mention these pains to your doctor the next time you have an appointment.

answered by G M

Depending upon your history, timing, concomitants, specific symptoms (i.e. "point tenderness", radiation from your back, etc.) your pain can be the result of several possible conditions. Some of these conditions are more serious than others. With help, you need to rule out the more serious conditions. So it is important "you tell someone about it." Seek the advice of a trained health care professional who can identify the cause for your symptoms. Please do not let your fears get in the way of good sense!

answered by Dr K B N

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