Baby Body Rash How to Identify and Treat Different Baby Body Rashes

by Anita Freeman

Baby body rash is a very common problem. This is because a baby's skin is very delicate and their immune system is as yet underdeveloped. When taking care of a new born baby, it is important to keep in mind their skin care requirements. Although baby skin rash is a common problem, it is best to talk this out with your doctor during your next visit. This is because an infectious may spread if it is ignored. It is important to identify the rash so that you know exactly what you are dealing. This will also help you to determine whether you need to make an appointment with the doctor specifically because of the rash. Some of the more common baby body rashes and their causes are listed below.

Diaper Dermatitis : This condition is also known as diaper rash and occurs in areas that are covered by the baby's diaper. It manifests as a scaly red rash that occurs on firm skin but not in between the folds of skin. It is caused by prolonged exposure to dampness caused by the accumulation feces and urine. You will need to make sure that the baby's diaper is removed as soon as it is soiled.

Yeast Diaper Dermatitis : This is a secondary infection that generally succeeds diaper dermatitis. A Yeast Diaper dermatitis infection generally causes an entire area to turn an angry red color with small red bumps on the edges of the discolored patches. The most common cause for this condition is the Candida yeast. It is the same yeast that is responsible for oral thrush. Your baby may need medication and treatment to get rid of this condition.

Eczema : This condition causes the skin to become discolored. The skin in certain areas may either be red in color or it may be darker. The skin also becomes scaly and thickens considerably. eczema may be hereditary by nature and so if either you or your partner has had this condition, your baby has an increased risk of getting it too. It is also connected to allergies and asthma. Regular oil massages can help to prevent this condition.

Baby Acne : Baby acne is a temporary condition which causes babies to have outbreaks that resemble pimples or whiteheads. This generally occurs on the face and chest and disappears within a few weeks. A cold compress applied to the area can help to provide temporary relief.

Cradle Cap: this condition is also referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. It causes crusty, scaly, and greasy patches of skin on the scalp. It occurs very early on and generally disappears without the need for treatment. Massage the baby's scalp with a little warm olive oil mixed with gram flour before a head bath. This will help to reduce the severity of the condition.

A baby body rash that seems to be spreading or that causes any variation in body temperature should be brought to the attention of the doctor as soon as possible. Daily skin care practices can also help to prevent skin problems. Make sure that you use a gentle soap as well as a moisturizer to keep your baby's skin clean and healthy. You should also make sure that the water you use to bathe your baby is not too hot as this will cause excessive drying. Olive oil and almond oil mixed with a little warm water can be used as a home remedy for baby dry skin problems. This can be applied instead of a cosmetic moisturizer.

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