I break out in rashes in the morning and by afternoon they are gone. Can you provide some treatment?

While rashes are a common occurrence, it is not very clear what could be causing the rash in your case. Prima facie it appears to be a case of the common problem known as contact dermatitis. Now it is likely that you are facing a variation of this known as irritant contact dermatitis. The other form of this problem is termed allergic contact dermatitis. With the former, any rash or other reaction typically occurs immediately rather than later. Thus, it is probably something you are exposed to that immediately triggers the rash or it is triggered soon after exposure. Since the two types of contact dermatitis conditions can be very similar, it is important to visit your doctor to discover whether the rash is on account of this type of dermatitis. One could also check with the local dermatologist to evaluate the rash and discuss treatment options. This is important since, unless you know why the rash occurs and whether there are underlying medical or other problems, treatment becomes difficult.

One of the first things you could do is to think about any changes that you might have made in your morning routine. This could be something like changing the brand of soap or face wash that you would normally use. Often such irritant contact dermatitis may be attributable to the kind of cosmetic products that you use. Thus, this would be a good place to start when trying to eliminate probable causes. It could be that some makeup you use has simply gone bad or is past the given expiry date. There could be certain chemicals in the environment that could be responsible for such a reaction. The fact that the rashes start every morning should make you thoroughly look over your morning routine. Another place to look is the food and drink consumed around that time. You could try simply skipping any creamy products or lotions and other beauty products for a while, to see if this goes away. It might help to add a mild cleansing routine and some hypoallergenic moisturizer. These steps should help with the morning rash and can help identify the cause. If this persists, it is really important to get yourself in for a checkup since an examination would be necessary to rule out different problems. You should also divulge the medication, whether prescribed or not, you might be on so that the doctor can alter this, if necessary.

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