To avoid bypass surgery (due to 80%coronary artery block) is any treatment available?


There certainly are alternative treatments to a coronary artery bypass graft surgery, or CABG, as it is sometimes known. However, these are not really treatments that can be recommended over such a forum, considering that the problem is such a serious one. An 80% blockage is quite a major problem, and it is possible that a coronary artery bypass will be the most effective and safe solution for you. We can provide some information on a few alternatives, but you will finally need to consult your doctor to find out whether the other treatments are advisable for you.

One possible option is angioplasty - widening the blocked blood vessel to improve blood flow. This is a relatively minor surgical procedure compared to CABG, but its effectiveness varies depending on the condition of the patient. Apart from this, and in fact before you come to this, you would try to treat the problem with medications and certain lifestyle changes. The medications used include aspirin, beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers, but all these have of course to be prescribed by your doctor, in suitable dosages. You should also check whether you have high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure, as these are all aggravating factors. Further diet and lifestyle changes need to be made to address these problems if they exist. You should also stop smoking if you do smoke, and if you are overweight you need to lose weight. A daily exercise schedule will also help, but this should only be planned with your doctor's help.

As mentioned before, you should ask your doctor whether these options are available to you and are advisable. One needs to be aware of and consider all the details of your case before coming to a decision. Hopefully your doctors have already done this, but if you are not convinced, you should get a second opinion - from a personal consultation with an expert.


answered by G M

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