Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

by Sam Malone

Honey and cinnamon are naturally occurring substances that can be consumed by humans. Honey is usually harvested from bee nests. Bees collect honey from flowers and this collected honey is stored in the bee hive. Humans breed bees in order to produce honey and commercially exploit it. Cinnamon is often used to provide flavor to various different dishes and also to coffee and other drinks. Cinnamon is consumed as a power or as the stick directly. It has a distinct flavor which is appreciated by most people.

The health benefits of honey and cinnamon are varied. Cinnamon and honey could be mixed to produce a healthy substance that provides the body with plenty of nutritional and medicinal help. These two substances are mixed with water to make a drink. Cinnamon, in this case, is usually used in powder form so that it is easy to mix. To achieve the best health benefits of honey and cinnamon, you could mix it with warm water. It is widely considered that this drink is very helpful for weight loss since it inhibits the storage of fat in the body. Whether this is true or not, the drink itself can help an individual avoid consuming some other food that might be unhealthy. Honey and cinnamon are also infused with many different vitamins which make it beneficial to consume this mixture of ingredients with water.


Another benefit of honey is the association of local honey and allergies. One of the important health benefits of raw honey is that it helps against allergies. Many people suffer from seasonal allergies such as an allergy to pollen. Pollen moves freely through the air and can irritate the nasal and oral passages of an individual, particularly one who is allergic to pollen. An allergic reaction could be quite dangerous and may also cause a medical emergency. However, most pollen allergy sufferers experience less dangerous reactions like itches and a running nose. The consumption of a locally sourced honey may help alleviate the symptoms. Local honeys contain pollen that is found in the area where the individual lives. This helps to introduce the body to these substances and may boost the immunity in such a way that the body no longer reacts aggressively to pollen.

One of the important health benefits of honey and cinnamon when mixed with water is that it helps with arthritis as well. arthritis is an inflammation based condition and this drink has the potential to provide the body with anti-inflammatory assistance. A mixture of warm honey and cinnamon is often used in tea spoon servings to help with flu symptoms of cold and cough.

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