Can Honey and Cinnamon combination be used as a cure for migraine?

Migraine or one-sided headache is a result of stress, mental tension and anxiety. Migraine is a common form of headache, affecting majority of people. Honey intake during meals prevents migraine attack. A glass of warm water with honey and cinnamon powder added to it is helpful. Supplementation of niacin is considered helpful for headaches. Tomatoes, fish, yeast, liver and green vegetables are a rich source of niacin. A small dosage of grape juice is helpful for migraine.

Carrot juice in combination with spinach juice or cucumber and beet juices are also easy on the head. The effectiveness of magnesium in relieving migraine headaches is established. Butter bur is a herb that comprises of pyrrolizidine alkaloids that help in relieving all kinds of headache. A paste of dry ginger applied and left overnight on the forehead is an excellent remedy. Chocolates and other cocoa products that trigger a reaction are avoided from the diet.

A stress free life is an effective remedy. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Meditation helps in relieving stress, thereby reducing the headache. Irregular eating habits also contribute to headaches. Exposure to the sun, immediately, after head bath contributes to headache. Try avoiding all situations that stimulate a headache. Visit a physician, in case of no relief.

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