Body Wave Perm

by Sharon Hopkins

A body wave hair perm is a chemical process that will change the texture and the shape of your hair. There are a variety of body wave hair perm styles that will suit any length and texture of hair. Such a hairstyle is usually performed by a licensed and experienced hair professional. Body waves are permanent and will stay on till the hair grows. A body wave perm is a hair perm where hair is wrapped on much larger tools, like rods or rollers. The waves add volume and body to the hairstyle you already have. It is a good option for those with fine hair. Body wave perms can give you instant volume, thickness and the wave pattern you opt for. The end result, of course, depends on the type of hair you have. The result also depends on the size of the perm rod, the number of rods used and the process itself. Keep in mind that a body wave perm can even change the direction in which your hair flows. Some people find it easier to manage their hair after a body wave perm.

Ensure that your hair is in excellent condition before you go for a body wave perm. Schedule an appointment with your hair stylist at least a month before the perm. This gives you time to get your hair into good shape. If your hair is already damaged, another chemical treatment might not be good for it. A hairstylist will also be able to judge the condition of your hair and the type of rod to be used. Cylindrical or straight rods are best for straight hair. These give a natural wave pattern. A body wave perm can relax very tight curls on a curly head of hair. Hair that has a slight wave will require larger rods and stronger chemicals. The perm should take about two hours, but this varies depending on the length of your hair. A body wave perm for long hair will improve the body of the hair. Thus any style you choose once the body wave perm is done will last longer. The hair will also last for longer times in any "up styles" that you choose. If you are wondering "what does a body wave perm look like", remember it will give you a loose curl in a wave like pattern. A body wave perm for short hair will give you more curls than if you had longer hair.

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