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Sudden hair loss may be caused by a change in the composition of water that you use to wash your hair, exposure to heat and pollutants, deficiency of certain essential nutrients in the diet, hormonal imbalances in the body, and mental stress and anxiety. The rate of growth of hair and its natural texture and strength is determined by the hair follicles, which convert amino acids into a kind of protein called keratin, which is the major constituent of hair. Thus, if the hair follicles are not adequately nourished, the quality of hair is adversely affected.

You may follow a few natural remedies at home to solve this problem. One of the easiest and most effective ways of stimulating the hair follicles is to massage the scalp with your fingertips. You must undertake this massage after a shower till the point that you begin to feel a warm, tingling sensation at the roots of your hair. This improves blood circulation in the hair follicles, and thereby promotes faster and denser growth of hair. You may also crush a handful of fresh coriander leaves and apply their juice on the scalp in order to improve the quality of your hair and prevent hair loss. Oiling your hair regularly is also necessary to make the roots of your hair stronger. Daily application of a mixture of a few drops of lime juice and a sufficient amount of coconut oil is useful in making hair grow thick and lustrous. For another remedy, cut Indian gooseberries into small pieces and dry them out completely in shade, then boil them in half a liter of coconut oil till a dark sediment settles down at the bottom of the pan, and strain the clear liquid extract in a bottle. Apply this decoction on your hair and scalp thrice a week in order to control hair loss and promote hair growth. A mixture of a teaspoon of black pepper and a small cup of yogurt may also be applied on the scalp half an hour before shampooing the hair. This helps hair grow stronger and longer. You may also apply a mixture of a teaspoon each of cinnamon powder and honey, once a week, and half a cup of pre-heated olive oil on your scalp before washing your hair.

Alternatively, massage your scalp with a mixture of honey and egg yolk 15 minutes before shampooing in order to treat hair loss. Besides, eat plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables as well as whole grains, legumes and eggs in order to supply essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins that are vital to the health of your hair.

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