Treatment for Strabismus

The primary treatment for strabismus is usually prescribing glasses for corrective vision. If the child or adult suffers from amblyopia, an eye patch is also provided. This eye patch forces the weaker eye to work harder and preventing confusion on the brain. This treatment tends to be difficult to follow as it requires regular use of the glasses or the patch. Children tend to not follow this prescribed course.

Depending on the progress or the lack of progress made with this form of treatment, eye surgery might also be recommended. In this surgery, muscles of the eye are strengthened or weakened depending on the requirement.

In the case of adults, there could be a loss of vision. The loss of vision needs to be first corrected before the surgery for strabismus is attempted. For adults, strabismus might mean a straightening of the eye.

Sometimes Botox is used in corrective surgery for strabismus. This causes temporary paralysis in the muscle which has been reset. This procedure is repeated in a few months again as the paralysis wears off.

If children develop this condition, they need to be monitored closely. Delayed treatment could mean many complications including loss of vision. About 25 to 30 per cent of children, who develop strabismus, develop amblyopia.

There is also experimental research that suggests that video games tend to strengthen the eyes of patients who have strabismus. 
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