Tests for Strabismus

Usually a doctor can tell by just looking at the patient, whether or not he has strabismus. A doctor will also conduct some tests for strabismus including a detailed eye examination. These tests are primarily done to determine the strength and damage to the eye muscles.

The tests for strabismus include standard ophthalmic tests, a test for visual acuity and of course, and a retinal exam. A doctor could also carry out the corneal light reflex test and in some cases, even a brain and nervous system test.

There is a test most commonly used called Hirschberg test. A flashlight is shown in the eye. The reflection of the light and its path is studied. If both the eyes do not have the same path in the reflections then it can be assumed that the eyes are not aligned.

Sometimes, young infants might seem to suffer from strabismus. But, due to a wide nose bridge, it might seem like that. As the child grows up, this condition goes away. This condition is also called pseudo strabismus and can be determined with the help of the Hirschberg test.

The diagnosis for strabismus depends on the severity of the condition and treatment is prescribed accordingly.

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