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Im anisometropic,amblyopia of right eye,right eye 6/36;left eye 6/9,BCVA right eye6/18,BCVA left eye6/6,refra.right eye(-6 -1.75 15), refra.left eye(-0.25 -0.50 160).Right eye is myopic.Im 38 yrs old

Information on vision

People diagnosed with amblyopia, or the "lazy eye" condition, have reduced vision in one eye and thus favor the other eye. This condition can not be corrected by wearing eyeglasses or even contact lenses. Not caused by eye diseases, the condition can develop in childhood due to inadequate simulation of the concerned eye and thus the related portion of the brain doesn't develop properly leading to diminished vision from that eye. It can also occur when there is a difference between the refractive powers of the two eyes, or even if the refractive power of one eye goes unnoticed and/or uncorrected for a long period.

Usually seen amongst children, it is best corrected at an early age using exercises to improve vision and encourage use of both eyes. If left untreated the condition worsens with time. An eye patch worn on the stronger eye, to enforce the weaker eye to see is often recommended.

Unfortunately this condition can not be completely treated with just exercises and corrective glasses and/or contact lenses, thus surgery is usually necessary. Once again it is best if done at an early age. However despite popular belief, even older patients can be successfully treated by surgery and active visual therapy to improve vision in the affected eye and boost use of both eyes.

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