Symptoms of Strabismus

The symptoms of strabismus are usually very evident. The eyes appear ‘crossed’. The person affected with strabismus will also show other symptoms.

  • The eyes will not move together.
  • One eye might appear focused and the other eye, static.
  • There might be reports of double vision.
  • Vision loss is also very common during this time.
  • There could also be case where the person suffering from strabismus is unable to gauge depth.
  • Tilting one's head to see or often squinting in the sunlight to see properly might also be symptoms of strabismus.
  • In children particularly, blurred vision and tired eyes are also considered symptoms.
Sometimes it might seem like infants have strabismus but you should wait until the baby is about 4 months old. If the eyes have not corrected themselves, it might be time to show your baby to a specialist. The earlier you get a diagnosis and the start treatment, the fewer long term complications your baby is likely to face. 
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