Causes of Mania

The difficulty in determining the causes of mania lies in the fact that not many people report symptoms as they feel nothing is wrong with them. During a manic episode, most people are oblivious about the condition they are in due to feelings of invincibility and euphoria. However, when mania is followed by periods of depression (as in cases of bipolar disorder) the problem becomes evident. Causes of manic depression and mania can be traced back to a number of medical conditions. These include:

  • Bipolar disorder or manic-depression
  • Hypomania
  • Bipolar II Disorder (another type of bipolar disorder)
  • Substance abuse mood disorder
  • Cyclothymic disorder
  • Certain medications
  • Use of steroids
Intoxication resulting from use of drugs such as amphetamines and cannabis, emotional stress or hyperthyroidism can all result in symptoms similar to mania but are not actually manic episodes. 
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