Treatment of Leprosy

  • The best way to cure the affliction is antibiotics. The kind of antibiotic medicine depends on the form of leprosy that the patient is suffering from, the severity and the stage of the affliction. Antibiotics are prescribed for a period of six to twelve months. The most commonly used antibiotics to treat pucibacillary leprosy are rifampicin and dapsone. While antibiotics recommended for multibacillary leprosy is clofazimine.  Antibiotics lead to complete treatment of the affliction with minimal or nil residual effects.
  • In order to attain cosmetic improvements to negate skin damage, doctors may recommend surgery. However, surgery may be performed after the antibiotic course that eliminates the bacterial infection form the body.
  • The widely used treatment to cure leprosy is Multi-drug Treatment (MDT). MDT is a combination of the antibiotics - rifampicin, dapsone, chofazimine and dapsone, depending on the type and stage of leprosy.

Apart from medical treatment, you can consider certain home remedies to cure the disease. In fact, you may compliment the medical treatment with these natural remedies for faster healing and better results.