Home Remedies for Leprosy

Some easy home remedies to relieve the symptoms of leprosy are:

  • You may also deploy leaves of the neem plant, botanically referred to as Azadirachta indica. It is an excellent antiseptic agent, helping to get rid of bacteria - the causal organism of leprosy. It also soothes the patches on skin and enhances the skin texture. You may crush the leaves and make a paste, mix it with oil and apply on the skin at least twice a day to cure the skin lesions. You may also mix the paste with some pepper powder for better and faster results. A neem bath also helps.
  • You may apply the juice or paste of rhizomes on the inflamed skin and leprosy lesions to relieve the symptoms of the affliction.
  • Another effective remedy to cure leprosy is hydrocotyle, also known as called Cantella Asiatica. You may use hydrocotyle extract for topical application and cover it with a bandage. It may also be consumed as tea. It is also available as an ointment and in powder form. The herb helps relieve skin inflammation and pigmentation problems, soothing the affliction. The remedy is best known to alleviate the skin condition, leading to visible results in skin texture.
  • You can also use aromatherapy to cure leprosy. Aromatherapy is the usage of concentrated plant extract like essential oils to cure various afflictions, which lead to long-term cure with minimal side-effects. The essential oil that may be used for leprosy is frankincense, as it is an excellent skin tonic and antiseptic agent. It also relieves pain in the feet and the hands, and clears up the upper respiratory tract, alleviating the symptoms of leprosy.