January 8, 2010

Gonorrhea: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Posted in Category : Sexual Health

Gonorrhea is a debilitating disease that affects both men and women of reproductive age; however, it is worth noting that symptoms of gonorrhea in children have been used as an indication of possible child abuse. The disease affects women and men equally in symptoms unlike Chlamydia, a similar disease caused by the Chlamydia bacteria. The symptoms of both might appear similar and can be distinguished in men by the difference in the genital discharge that exudes. Chlamydia will cause a white discharge and gonorrhea, yellow pus-like discharge. In women, the additional symptoms of gonorrhea are irregular menstrual cycles with severe dysmenorrhea. If the disease is not treated, the infection can go on to affect the rest of the reproductive system and even cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID. Males will undergo sterility if not treated and in both genders, the infection can eventually causes the blood to get infected, conjunctivitis and blindness, as well as kidney failure and death. Fortunately, the disease is not considered a cause for fatality anymore since the advent of antibiotics.

Gonorrhea is caused by a bacterium by the same name. It is transmitted through sexual contact of any kind and therefore the number one preventative measure that you can undertake is to use a condom when having any kind of sex. Additionally, it is also sensible to not indulge in multiple partners. Once the disease sets in a yellow discharge along with painful urination also occurs. Men have to be especially worried because their reproductive and urinary systems are quite connected. This can cause a gonorrhea infection to further cause urinary tract infections that, if not checked, will progress to kidney infections. More commonly, the organ that is responsible for sperm maturation, the epididymis, will get infected causing pain, inflammation, and sterility.

The treatment for this condition requires antibiotics like amoxicillin, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, and many other antibiotics. Tetracycline is now rendered ineffective due to overuse and has no use in treating the disease. As a home remedy, you must douche with tea tree oil or use tampons soaked in this essential oil. From a dietary perspective, increase the amount of garlic that you consume to almost two bulbs daily. Cranberry juice is also important from the perspective of not allowing a urinary tract infection to occur. The condition can be extremely discomforting because of the discharge that emanates when you have gonorrhea and it would be advisable for you use a sanitary pad to absorb this discharge. Refrain from all sexual activity and follow doctor’s orders.