April 27, 2011

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The term syndrome indicates the presence of a number of disorders that tend to co – exist within the body, causing significant complications to the individual’s life. Also known as EDS, the condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a group of disorders that are characterized by bruising of the skin, significantly loose joints as well as skin that tends to stretch rather easily (a condition known as hyper elasticity). One of the most common ehlers-danlos syndrome causes is hereditary, with the condition being passed down from one generation to the next within the same bloodline. Proper Ehlers-danlos syndrome cures will depend on the right diagnosis as well as making sure that you identify which type of the condition you are dealing with. Because of the fact that it is a syndrome that can possibly include a number of medical complications, ehlers-danlos syndrome is divided into a number of different types – all distinctly different based on the symptoms they show. The classic version of ehlers-danlos syndrome symptoms is defined by hyperflexibity of the skin.

The affected individual’s skin is likely to be very smooth and velvety, but is highly prone to bruising as well as scratches when they experience even the slightest of trauma. The second version of the condition sees the individual suffer primarily from joint dislocation as a result of the joint hypermobility that the condition causes while the third variety of the condition will see the occurrence of spontaneous artery rupture. This third version of the condition is extremely serious as a serious manifestation can easily be lethal. There are a number of other ehlers-danlos syndrome symptoms that can also develop that may be a significant aspect of one of the other syndrome types as well.

The most effective ehlers-danlos syndrome cures will depend on the type of the condition you are dealing with. For instance, the consumption of vitamin c tablets as well as an increase in the overall levels of vitamin c. These are considered to be one of the best and most effective methods ehlers-danlos syndrome treatment options. In order to protect your skin that is already likely to be rather sensitive, it is important to make it a point to wear some kind of sunscreen when venturing outdoors to ensure that your skin is duly protected from the dangerous ultra violet rays being emitted by the sun. Exercise is one of the most important ehlers-danlos syndrome cures as it helps strengthen the joints as well as muscles – making them more robust and therefore less susceptible to breakage. In the event that the complication of the condition is present in the eyes and the vision of the individual, eyeglasses are one of the best and most effective ehlers-danlos syndrome cures. In cases where the joint problems are very substantial, one of the best strategies when it comes to dealing with ehlers-danlos syndrome is when performing a repetitive activity, such as typing, to switch to performing some other activity such as arranging some papers or file work for a period of about 15 minutes to allow your joints some relative rest.

Although surgery is also one of the more effective ehlers-danlos syndrome cures, it should really be only looked at as a last resort and primarily used to correct fractures or dislocated joints. However, when choosing the option of surgery, it is important for you to remember to inform the presiding surgeon that you are being treated for EDS as this will alert him to avoid using stitches too close to the wound as your skin is more likely to breakage than someone who is not suffering from the condition.