What are the causes of enlarged liver; if the liver is enlarged what are the precautions to be followed.

An enlarged liver is the result of liver damage, and is usually the symptom of some other problem. The causes of liver enlargement, also known as hepatomegaly, include cancer, chemical damage, infection, and a few metabolic disorders. To treat the condition effectively, it is important to find out why the condition occurred in the first place. If the problem is drugs that are being taken to treat some other condition, a substitute needs to be found. In this case, with some general care and precautions, the liver usually heals itself after the damaging chemical has been discontinued.

If your doctor has given you a diagnosis of liver enlargement, he or she will be in the best position to determine why the enlargement has taken place, and what is the best treatment for you. It is important not to delay medical treatment or to rely solely upon self medication and natural remedies, as a liver problem can be fatal. Meanwhile you should avoid consuming anything that stresses your liver. Cut out alcohol, caffeine, and fried, oily, and high fat food entirely from your diet. Limit the amount of salt and spices that you consume, and increase your intake of fruits, fruit juices, and vegetables.

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