Does sugar helps to stop bleeding?

Place an ice cube wrapped in plastic or a small piece of cloth directly on to the tooth or the area of the toothache. It will help ease the pain. Another effective method is a simple acupressure process of placing an ice cube on the web of the skin between the thumb and the forefinger. Keep the ice cube steady on this area for 20 minutes to get immediate relief from toothache. This has known to successfully work for most people who have tried various other methods prior to resorting to the acupressure method.

Take a garlic clove and to add a pinch of rock salt or table salt and place it on the painful tooth. The garlic oil and salt will get rid of the pain almost immediately. Garlic is also known to have curative properties hence the toothache is not too deep may disappear on its own, never to reprise. Also placing a slice of onion or a small inside the mouth on the tooth will help kill the bacteria or germs that are causing the ache. Make fresh juice out of wheat grass and use it as a mouth gargle or rinse three times a day. It is a natural remedy for aches and is known to alleviate tooth decay by checking the growth of harmful bacteria.

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For small cuts, yes, sugar can help stop the bleeding. The sugar forms a paste with the blood and thus helps it clot more quickly. In addition, sugar has some antibacterial properties which will help the wound heal quicker. With larger wounds however, sugar tends to make you bleed more, so you should not apply sugar to such a wound till after the bleeding has stopped. The antibacterial properties are what make sugar an effective home remedy for wounds, rather than any ability to stop bleeding, which as mentioned, is not always the case. Besides, for smaller wounds, there is usually no need to stop bleeding, as this happens naturally within a short time.

Honey is also recommended to stop bleeding and disinfect the wound. However, avoid using other home remedies such as cayenne pepper or spider webs. Some such remedies may infect the wound, while others may cause unnecessary pain without providing much benefit. The best way to stop bleeding is to apply pressure to a wound. You can even simply use your fingers to do this, but make sure that your hands are clean. If you can, use a soft, clean, absorbent cloth instead, pressing down on the wound gently but firmly.

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