Is there any periodic changes in Men, like the women who gets mensus every month? Do the men have anything to do with puberty?

Are you asking if men have an equivalent to the female menstrual cycle? As far as contemporary medical science knows there doesn't appear to be any such thing. However men also undergo hormonal changes at different stages in their lives and their moods can be affected by these changes. Puberty especially is a period of rapid hormonal change and all kinds of transformations occur in this period.

During puberty boys experience the following changes:

  • There is greater hair growth on their chests, faces, armpits and in their groin area.
  • Their voices may break giving them a characteristic cracked sound.
  • Their reproductive organs grow in size and develop maturity
  • Semen production begins and nocturnal emissions may start to occur.
  • Boys grow taller and their chests become broader.

Because these changes happen so rapidly, puberty can cause emotional upheaval in children. Parents should be able to talk freely to children about these changes and should adopt a reassuring and calm attitude while discussing issues, especially of a sexual nature.

To answer your other question it is greatly debated if there is any such thing as a male PMS, but there are certain anecdotal reports where men claim that their moods and libidos change cyclically but no direct scientific evidence endorses any such statement.


answered by S E

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