For woman private parts we for Gyno, for men private parts to which specialist we should go?

While most people are familiar with gynecologists, who are physicians dealing with or addressing issues pertaining to women, people are generally confused or ignorant about their counterparts who address the needs of the male population. Andrologists are the male counterpart of gynecologists. An andrologist is a physician who performs evaluations of male fertility in a clinical or laboratory environment. An andrologist can hold either an M.D., or Ph.D. degree and is generally a part of or work in a fertility treatment center.

Andrology, which derives from the Greek language, is the medical field that deals specifically with male health issues. This would imply the treatment of problems relating to the male reproductive system as well as urological problems that commonly afflict men. Andrology is a relatively young discipline having been studied as a separate and distinct field only since the late 1960s.

Some common medical and surgical procedures that are male specific would be vasectomies and vasovasostomies. Other male genitourinary disorders that require attention would include penile fracture, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, penile cancer, peyronie’s disease, micropenis, and phimosis among many others. Andrology is becoming an increasingly important discipline, with siginificant advances being made in recent years, despite the fact that till very recently, it was an extremely neglected field

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