Herbal, home remedies for clean hair

A proper and clean hair comb or brush is imperative for clean hair. Clean hair at least twice a week. Disinfect combs and other relevant. Equal proportions of carrot juice, simsim leaves or alfalfa and Lactuca sativa leaves is effective for good hair. A massage with warm coconut oil or mustard oil helps in enhancing circulation. Washing the hair with margosa paste has an antiseptic effect and gets rid of all kind of infection and parasites, such as head lice. A natural paste of amaranth leaves is left on the hair to dry. Rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid chemical bleaches, harsh chemicals, and ammonia based colors and so on. Use of hair driers and curlers are curtailed. A paste of margosa leaves or coriander leaves are also effective in providing clean hair. Split ends are prevented by regular trimming. Daily routine care is essential. Equal amounts of lemon seeds and black pepper are powdered and applied on the scalp. This helps in revitalizing the hair follicles, thereby enabling growth. Coconut milk is also used as an effective wash. A paste of indian gooseberry powder with lime juice provides shine and bounce to the hair.

answered by Dr C

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