Ingrown hair

by Sam Malone

Ingrown hair are those which grow at more acute angles than is normal, and in all directions; they incompletely clear the follicle, turn back in, and cause erythematous follicular papules or, less commonly, pustules resulting from close shaving of very curly hair; growing tips of hair consequently re-enter the skin adjacent to the follicle producing ingrown hair. They could also be termed as hair that is growing out of the exterior that is the skin surface rather than the pores where they are supposed to originate from. Curly wavy hair is the prime target for this disorder. This disorder if not treated on time could turn infectious and dangerous. Timely cure is a must for ingrown hair and of course, prevention is better than cure as the adage goes.

Proper facial scrubbing should be done before you put the razor to the skin. To begin with this effectively erases out the dirt and stuff that are harmful to skin. Then if you notice the ingrown hair, just make sure you do not go around mowing it like grass, but use a simple surgical approach. Wet the hair strand, smooth it out gently using sterilized equipment like a clean needle or a razor and make sure that you do not root it out by yourself but the hair strand itself disengages from the exterior surface of the skin.

Lubrication is very important before a shave and of course it should be complemented with a wet and clean wash of the skin. Once the skin is lubricated well enough with a clean brush in circular motion, it prepares the skin and the hair strands to be ready for removal. Never cross-shave, it naturally confuses the growth and the direction of the growth goes for a toss and hence the ingrown hair problems. Do it the normal way, do not get creative here.

Looking for a closer shave do not press the razor too hard and end up bleeding and infecting, handle with care. A double-edged razor usually does the trick if you want to remove the dispensable ingrown hair. Moisturizing the skin after shave aids in allowing the hair follicles grow in the right direction and keeps the skin healthy. Never forcibly dig out ingrown hair by the roots as you'll only make things worse. Hot water should be the preferred means to wet wash before shaving as it helps opening the pores of the skin and softens the stubble aiding in effective removal of the hair.

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