What can I do to prevent vaginal itching?

Vaginal itching is a common problem and is caused due to tight clothes and dampness. Areas of the body like the vagina and the armpits, often remain damp despite our best efforts to dry them. This leads to infections and this in turn leads to that mad itching which you simply cannot control. The best way to try and control the itching is to ensure that you dry yourself properly each time. Remember to always pat yourself in your private parts rather than rub yourself dry. Your underclothes shouldn't be tight and made of synthetic material. Rather, they should be loose and comfortable and should be made of some natural fiber. Sometimes the cause for the itching can be traced to a new soap that you have just started easing. Try to go back to your old soap and see if the itching subsides. If it doesn't, then you should think of visiting your doctor so that you can get an accurate diagnosis.

If the itching becomes unbearable you can try to ease the pain by using a saline bath. Dump in a big fistful of common salt into a tub full of warm water. When you sit back in the tub, you will find that the salt helps ease your discomfort.

answered by G R

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