Vaginal Itching Cure: My Wife Has Itching In Her Vaginal Area. She Develops Redness & Cannot Control It. So How She Can Overcome This?

Candida: Itching Skin Causes and Controlling Measures

Itchiness and redness in the vaginal area point to vaginal thrush that is caused by candida. Under normal conditions, candida does exist in the areas surrounding the vagina. The immune system and harmless bacteria play the police here and keep candida under control. However, at times, candida tends to overproduce and invade the vaginal area. And once they invade the vaginal area, they tend to irritate the vaginal lining and cause the vaginal skin to change to a blushing red. Usage of lubricants that contain glycerin has been known to cause vaginal thrush. Vaginal thrush is also known to be caused by oral contraceptives. This aside, pregnancy and a weakened immune system has also been observed to lead to the overgrowth of candida. Since yeast is the one responsible for the infection, it's best that your wife stay away from food items that involve yeast.

A commonly suggested natural remedy is that of impregnating tampons with tea tree oil. Yoghurt has also been known to help curb and cure the infection. Yoghurt may be applied to the affected area in the vagina to bring about some relief. Also, remember that if your wife is pregnant and happens to be on antibiotics, vaginal thrush might recur. If that be the case, it's best if you consult your family physician for the type of treatment to be followed.

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