do yu have any home cures for vaginal itching

Vaginal infection treatment

For starters, eliminate all kinds of layered clothing. Trapped bacteria under layers of panty-liners, panties, pantyhose and secondary clothing can cause the moist vagina to become infected. The bacteria that are normally present in the area grow exponentially in such conditions and cause an unbalance in the region, thus causing the itching. Itching is only the first sign of an infection. A wide range of infections such as bacterial vaginitis to Candida albicans or trichomoniasis may occur because of neglected itching.

If it is not the clothing that is causing the irritation, then the itching can also be attributed to a chemical allergy in the soap or the cleanser that you are using soap. Among older women approaching menopause, it may also be due to the thinning of vaginal tissues.

Most forms of infections can be rid of with the help of salt. In a shallow tub of lukewarm water dissolve half a cup of table salt. Sit in the tub and gently widen the vagina with your finger to let the salt water in. remove your finger and stay in the tub for 20 minutes. Continue this therapy once a day for five consecutive days. This eases out the itch in most cases where the itch is primary and has only recently started. However if you experience a round of itching after the use of condoms, then it is likely that you are allergic to either the latex, powder coating or the lubricant.

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