My child has a sore throat and a really bad stuffy nose what should I do what can I give him he is 12 years old

Respiratory infections are very common in children. The sore throat and stuffy nose that you have observed is caused by an increase in mucus production. This increase is actually the body’s natural protection from pathogens. White blood cells rush to the infected areas and eliminate the bacteria or virus. This is why you will notice that your son’s nasal secretions are more of a yellowish white color during this time. There are several home remedies that you can use to help to get rid of the congestion.

Ginger has been seen to be very effective in dealing with respiratory infections. This is because ginger contains very strong anti-microbial agents that help to get rid of the infection. Since ginger has a very strong pungent flavor, your son might not want to eat it plain. Clean three to four fresh pieces of Ginger and place them in a blender along with ¼ cup of honey. Blend this mixture well and then strain it. You can then pour the honey into a bottle and refrigerate it so that you can use it as and when you need it. Do not give him the tonic while it is cold, instead you can pour out the amount needed and allow it to come to room temperature before you give it to him. Honey is also very helpful in getting rid of the irritation caused by a throat infection. Throat irritation can be very annoying and can cause continuous coughing. Honey helps to soothe the throat. Since it is sweet, children tend to be more than happy to have a spoonful. You can also add a spoonful to a glass of warm water and give this to your son to drink. This helps to loosen hardened mucus and also lubricates the throat and reduces coughing.

Onions and garlic are also very effective in dealing with respiratory infections. It is best to include these ingredients in soups and broths. Hot soups and broths help to loosen hardened phlegm and your son will be able to cough it up easily. Skinless chicken broth is an excellent idea as it is rich in protein and helps to bolster the immune system. Avoid using bullion cubes and instead you can make your own stock out of either chopped vegetables or bones. Bullion cubes contain several added chemicals for taste and aroma and they also have a very high salt content.

Make sure that you take your son to the doctor if he does not show any signs of improvement within a week or so.

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