Please suggest me the permanent cure of piles?

Straining the anus, due to chronic constipation, results in swelling of the veins near the anus, and this is called hemorrhoids or piles. The symptoms include pain, bleeding, and itching during bowel movement.

One of the most popular home cures for hemorrhoids is to apply a lubricant, such as petroleum jelly or warm coconut oil, just before the bowel movement and before going to bed. It is important to cure constipation first, which is the root cause for piles. For that, eat a diet rich in fiber as well as drink sufficient amounts of fluids. Water, soup, and juice are good options. Eating ripe banana and ripe papaya provide natural cure for piles. Drinking two glasses of warm milk two times a day is a natural hemorrhoid treatment, as milk is a natural laxative. A slightly fatty chicken soup (cooked with skin) is very effective in good bowel movement, thus helping in the treatment of piles.
  • The anal area can be relaxed by soaking it in warm water mixed with Epsom salt or baking soda. You could also soak in a sitz bath as it is known to be very effective.
  • Rinsing the area with warm chamomile tea or applying chamomile ointment topically is one of the widely used home cures for hemorrhoids.
  • Taking powdered psyllium with a glass of warm water or milk is also one of the most sought after natural hemorrhoid treatments.
  • Applying cold compresses for some time is relieving in painful hemorrhoids.
  • Overuse of dry toilet paper could also cause immense discomfort and worsen the situation.
If you do not get any relief even after using these home cures for hemorrhoids , consult a doctor who will prescribe a topical ointment for this, along with medicines. In case even that does not seem to work, hemorrhoidectomy will be the answer, which is a surgery done for hemorrhoids.

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