Piles Treatment Using Effective Home Remedies: Sir I Have Been Suffering From Piles For 2.5 Yrs Now. I Have Taken Medicines. It Has Been Ok For Some Time Then Comes Again. Earlier There Was No Blood But Now There Is. Is There Any Permanent Solution Availa

There is an excellent cure available that you can employ at home for getting rid of your piles forever. It is called diet control. The first question you need to answer for yourself is" What is the reason you are suffering from piles in the first place? Once you have the answer, you will know what problem you have to attack to remove the illness from the root. Piles happen due to one of three common causes. One is post delivery piles, which occur when there has been too much straining in a normal childbirth. For most part, these tend to mend themselves. The other is excessively hard stools. This happens typically because of the lack of proper nutrition and fiber in the diet. The third could be eating excessively spicy foods. This could tend to result in excessive burning and abrasion of the delicate skin around the anal area. You need to figure out which of the problems you are suffering from. And you also need to know that no matter which problem it is, only controlling your diet can actually be of any help to you.

To begin with, you must cut out all sorts of spices from your diet. This will help to regulate your stools so that you are not in so much of sufferance. The next thing you need to do is add a lot of fiber to your diet. This alone will help you to have a comfortable bowel movement. Lack of fiber can cause hardening of stools, and hard stools will tend to cause too much straining. This will lead to a rupturing of the nerve endings at the anal opening. This is what is commonly known as piles as well. Fiber rich foods include all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Leafy green vegetables are an especially rich source of fiber in the body. You would also need to cut back on all simple carbohydrates and foods that will cause general hardening of your stools. These would include all bakery products, white bread, and all white flour products. You can also take a supplemental fiber such as psyllium husk on occasion. But do not make this a habit, as it has a tendency to become addictive and you do not want to deal with that on a permanent basis. To prevent bleeding at this time, you can apply aloe vera gel to the anus. This will help to heal the area as well.

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