Can piles be removed by laser operation

No. You can't. Laser treatment or surgery is can give you relief in the present condition. It is the tendancy of the body to form piles, like pimples. You will have to change your food habits and other medications which agravate the situation. There are herbal preparations in Ayurveda to give better relief.

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For piles surgery is better then laser,for permanent cure it depends on the persons eating habits,aviod meat,eat veggi food,fruits,very carefull about not to have constipation,too much setting is bad too.

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Surgery (laser or otherwise) is always an option for treatment of hemorrhoids.Since hemorrhoids are simply an indication of vessel weakness or varicose veins, except in the rectum, there is no guaranteethe hemorrhoids will not return. From a naturopathic perspective, we tend to treat the cause as well as palliate the symptoms. So, while surgery, suppositories, etc., may palliate the symptoms, it may be beneficial to strengthen the vascular circulation using a combination of herbal and lifestyle changes. For example, if one of the causes of your piles is a diet low in fiber, high in alcohol, etc. then this needs to be addressed. Some people who have vascularweaknessas a family history ...and a job which requires standing alot (gravity takes it's toll)may have some challenges.

answered by Dr K B N

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